How to become happy?

Happy cows make the breeders happy. And the reverse would also be true!

The HAPPY approach is based on audits carried out by successful breeders in order to serve as a reference. A group of veterinarians, the HAPPY Vets, work with breeders selected from their customers to become future certified HAPPY Farmers!

The selection criteria used are:

  • The pleasure of working together
  • Zootechnical results in line with objectives, such as less than %5 mortality in calves, a calving-calving interval <380 days for cows, less than %8 non-deliveries, less than 250 000 cell/m on average …

The HAPPY Visit:

A visit of approximately 4 hours with the Obione’s specialists and the veterinarian of the exploitation.

This visit is a true audit of livestock, management, building, food, everything is reviewed. No less than 500 points are checked, measured, calculated:

  • The Body Condition Score (BCS),  the rumen fill scoring, lameness, hamstrings, foot cleanliness and the udder thighs are evaluated using the Cow Notes application
  • The energy, protein, minerals…..are controlled
  • The management of the colostrum and the different calf housing are studied
  • The quality and comfort of the litter are even tested by the auditor!

A summary document is then given to the breeder.

After that ?

The HAPPY Farmers and the HAPPY Vets are eager for exchanges and knowledge.

We therefore schedule meetings between HAPPY members from different regions. We exchange about their practices and share our knowledge acquired not only during our trainings in France and abroad, but also in the field.

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